Step I- Eligibility Application

STEP I of a two STEP process.

If you have not established an account or downloaded your check list go to START HERE

Eligibility Due Date: NLT 11:59 PM EST on 1 March

If you have already registered but did not complete the pre-qualification form sign in below to continue. If you do not check the consent box after you register any information you input will NOT be saved.

Once the pre-qualification form is completed and reviewed you will receive notice via email to continue with the online scholarship application and you will be given an applicant ID number. This number will be used to enter and complete the Application Section (STEP II) and should be given to individuals who recommend you for this scholarship.

Please allow 10 business days from the submission of the pre-qualification form for the scholarship administrator to email you with your applicant ID number. If you pre-qualified in the past please email If you forget your username and password contact

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