Apply for EVERY scholarship for which your student is ELIGIBLE.

Start with obvious eligibility then expand your search. Start searching early (junior year) to prioritize and know deadlines.
Organizations, affiliations, professional, religious, elementary and middle schools, special interests.


  • Your commands
  • Your duty stations
  • Your community
  • Your Service
  • Military-wide

REAPPLY each year your student is eligible; many scholarships are available to college students, as well as high school seniors.

COMPLETE scholarship applications as INSTRUCTED.

Pay attention to instructions for each application and follow exactly. 

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Provide focus for letters of recommendation as well as basic facts about student’s achievements.
  • Follow up to ensure submission deadline is met.
Submit application ON TIME!

Submitting early allows you to:
  • Confirm receipt of all components.
  • Follow up, if necessary
Remember:  Giving the scholarship administrator more time to review the application for eligibility and completeness favors the applicant.

Essay tips

  • Be sure to answer the question.
  • Reviewers are looking for well-organized essays with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Creativity counts!