1. Do I have to send an 'official' score report from College Board for my SAT/ACT scores?

  • High School Transcript Request Form will suffice as 'official' documentation provided it has been signed by your guidance  counselor or school official.
  • Some schools will list SAT/ACT scores on transcripts.  This will also suffice.
  •  You can also submit a copy of a College Board score report even though it might say 'this is not an official score report'

2.  I am currently a college Sophomore (rising Junior), do I still need to submit SAT/ACT scores?

  • No.  As a current college Sophomore, the work you have done in college will carry more weight than your SAT/ACT scores.

 3. My daughter, a college Freshman (rising Sophomore),  is getting ready to submit her application and we just wanted to confirm that she can submit two (2) academic recommendations from a high school teacher if her other recommendation is from a non-academic source.

  • You may submit 2 letters from high school teachers and one from a non-academic source.  If at all possible though, we highly encourage submitting a letter of recommendation from a college reference.

 4. Please limit your Extracurricular/Work activities to the space provided. Do not submit a separate page. Be selective in the activities you want the Selection Committee to consider.

5. Letters of Recommendation must be submitted via online form. No additional letters will be accepted via email or postal service.

6. What if the High School Request Form is not signed?

  • It depends. If your transcript is received in a signed/sealed envelope, is notarized or has a signature.  Xerox copies of a transcript will NOT be accepted.